Skin Care Plans

Hello there!

Today’s topic is skin care. If you are human and you’re reading this, I can only assume that you have a face. Now, I’ve got to say the good Lord knew what He was doing when He created this world. And when it comes to humanity, I tell you, what He has done leaves me flabbergasted. He created us in His own image, in so many different shapes, with so many different personalities and gifts that it is truly impossible to think of what we are capable of. So think of that for a moment.

Now think of all the ways we interact with each other, especially the first thing you do when you meet someone. You look at their face, right? And they look at your face. So from that, we know that the face is an integral part of human interaction. Because of this, and because of how beautiful (or handsome) the Lord has made you, it is important to properly care for the skin on your face.

I don’t know about your face, but I sure know about mine. As an Avon Representative, it’s important for me to put my best face forward every day and to know the products. So I use make up. The problem here is that I have extremely acne-prone skin. My face gets pimples from sweat, from being too dry, from using too much of a skin care product, from using make-up (especially if I’m too tired to wash it off), from eating greasy foods, too much sugar, from having too much chocolate in my diet, and from a multitude of other things. Before I started back up with Avon, I didn’t know much about skin care and how important it is to preventing big pizza-face break outs. High school was especially bad for me in this area, I never had anyone to show me how to take care of my face.

When I started selling Avon for the 2nd time, I started wanting to really know about what I was selling so I could give people an honest opinion. I took all the classes I could from Avon University and I learned a lot about skin care in particular. Then I started taking care of my skin. I have to tell you that my breakouts are no where near pizza-face scale anymore. I still get pimples, but they do not congregate like they used to. When I do get acne,however, the pimples are usually large and that bothers me. So to combat this I’m going to try a new skin care regimen:

Avon Clearskin Professional 3-step System
Avon’s premiere acne fighting system. Source:
  • Avon’s 3-step acne treatment system, Clearskin Professional
    • Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub
    • Clarifying Toner Pads
    • Daily Correcting Lotion
    • The reviews are fairly good, and this system should address many of my skin concerns: control of surface oil (problematic in my t-zone), size reduction of large pores, blotchy redness from scars and just the way my skin is (my cheeks get really red at times), and skin sensitivity.

So this is my plan. I haven’t started the Clearskin yet, but I will let you know about how it works in future posts. I have used the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System, and it is amazing. It really does work. If you try it, please remember that the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, pulling on it can create unwanted lines. It is important to gently pat the product in with your ring finger. Not only is this more gentle treatment for your eye, but it will make the product last longer.

I have also used the Nutraeffects Balance Night Gel Cream. I got some as a demo a while back. I used it under my makeup yesterday, and I slept with my makeup on last night. This morning when I washed my face, there were no new pimples and my skin looked so awesome. I love Nutraeffects Balance Night Cream. Because of the way my skin is, I also use Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation because it is oil-free and has spf 15 to protect my face from the summer sun. It also provides full coverage in one layer to cover scars and bring out my God-given beauty.

May the will of God prevail in your life.


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